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MomoKO (or ももコ) is a Content Managment System designed for web content managers who like to worry primarily about their content, but want to have a site more powerful and flexible then any blog software can provide.


Your Style!

With MomoKO's template system and user styles, you are able to use several community-created themes to express yourself best. You can take these layouts and customize them with your own colors and styles. It's your site, why not have it look the way you want?

Not enough? No fear, with a little work, you can design your very own templates to show off your site exactly the way you want!

Easy page editing!

Finding and editing a page on your site should not require extensive training or reading through a manual, especially when all you need is to add a link or change an image. When a user within the proper group is logged in, a toolbar or set of links will appear on the page. From there you can edit your page, remove your page or add a new page quickly and easily.

MomoKO comes with the powerful elRTE rich-text content editor. If you know word, you can create and edit HTML pages with ease.

Need to add a link or image? elRTE provides buttons for just that and it is also linked to elFinder. This allows you to click a button and browse for the file or page you want and place it directly in the URL field.

Image too large? Resample it on the fly by adding a simple query string to the end of the URL. It will resample and the dimensions in the dialog will change on the fly!

Its alway better with a crowd

MomoKO allows users to register an account on your site and log in. Logged in users may gain access to special content areas, or special addins. You can even give editors access to your site to help you manage it. Don't worry you're still in charge!

Get started sooner!

MomoKO's quick install wizard and documentation will have you up and running in less than ten minutes with a good default template. You can add your own style in just a few more minutes. Don't forget to add some extra addins, it'll help, and only take seconds!

Get it!

Good news! MomoKO 1.1 is out! You can now get MomoKO from our github. An easy install script and instructions are available for average users who wish to try or test MomoKO, please see the README file for more information. Please note: you can use the latest_stable branch to keep up-to-date.

Software Should be Free!

MomoKO is 100% free software! This means you are free to modify, distribute, and fork MomoKO as you see fit. For non-developers, it means that you will never pay a cent for MomoKO. We do offer deployment solutions, for a price, as well as premium support; but you will never pay a cent for MomoKO itself! The world can be a wonderful place!

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